• Easier fleet car handling with customised tool

    Full automation of the processes

  • Easier fleet car handling with customised tool

    Reduces the workload significantly

Customised high performance software

Renowned companies have become long-term customers because with Fleet Car Tool they get the best of both worlds: Ongoing innovations and updates meet individual customer care and adaptation to company processes.


Full automation of the fleet handling processes

As an individually tuned high-performance software, the Fleet Car Tool can really automate all processes of fleet handling: As soon as an appointment has been registered, the further steps are automatically set by the system.

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Brands that have been using our tool to their benefit:

The above companies have been successfully using our tool. As the tool can be delivered in various languages, it has been used in several countries: Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia.

Customer feedback:

"The tool reduces the time needed to organise our fleet, thus helping us save valuable time."
Honda Austria
"The tool cut the time needed by our staff to handle fleet cars by around 50 per cent."
Toyota Austria