What sets the Fleet Car Tool apart from other tools?

The extremely high automation. The Fleet Car Tool is already a hig-performance software in the standard configuration. Additionally it is perfected by the individual adjustments on the companies or organizations. We combine high performance technology with individual support.

What advantages does the tool have for the company or organisation?

The effort for the handling of the vehicles drops enormously through the automation. Experience shows that the involved employees can take on additional tasks in the department due to the enormous time savings and are more satisfied due to the more varied work.

Can you quantify the time savings?

The time savings vary depending on the size and organization of the fleet, but 50 percent or more is possible.

How do the drivers benefit from the tool?

The service for the drivers also increases significantly, because they automatically receive all the relevant information about the vehicles in their mailbox – from the information about vehicle pick-up (location, time, contact person) or the vehicle data to loan agreements filled out by the tool or a return reminder.

How does the tool work technically?

The web tool is available to employees from all their devices, in the office as well as on the go. For customers, the tool is completely maintenance-free, updates are accomplished automatically.

How does the tool fit into different companies and organisations?

Special requirements are analyzed together with the customers and the required additional functions are subsequently programmed. For us this is a normal process for which we visit you in your company.

In which languages is the tool available?

The tool is delivered either in German or English. A translation to other languages is possible at any time.

How fast can the tool be put into operation?

The regular tool can be put into operation two to three weeks after purchase. After a training and a test phase, you can schedule the official start very closly. The development time of special functions depends on the requirements.

How much does the tool cost?

The costs are much lower than in-house developments. We are happy to provide you with a quote if we know your individual requirements.

Is it possible to try the tool in advance?

Yes, you can get a test account from us to familiarize with the tool. In advance, we will explain the functionality to you in a short introductory training.